How to Care for Your Child's Vagina

Just like adult women, children vulnerable to vaginal irritation and infection. Challenges as a mother who has a daughter is to finding out how to prevent and resolve when the child has a problem with her vagina.

Here are some tips to keep your child's vagina in order to stay healthy:

1. Wipe in the right way
When you change a diaper, always clean your child's vagina from front to back to avoid spreading bacteria that can cause infection.

2. Check the crevices of the vagina
If you are going to change diapers of your toddler after a bowel movement, do not forget to clean the crevices around your child's vagina and vulva.

3. Do not use products that allow the irritation to the vagina
The use of alcoholic fragrances, oils, wipes, lotions, creams, and foam soap can increase the risk of vaginal irritation in children.

4. Keep the humidity of your child's vagina
Replace your child's diaper or clothing that is damp, because it can irritate sensitive skin around the vagina. Choose the child's clothing made of fabric that absorbs sweat because the sweat that retained in the vaginal area can also cause irritation.

5. Do not allow your child for long in the bath with used soap water
Many children like to spend time in the bathtub because it is fun. Do not let your child sit in the bathtub with water that has been soiled by the foam shampoo and soap that potentially irritating.

6. Check with your child's vaginal condition that is not healthy
If your child looks in pain after urination or vaginal area was red, your child may suffer from inflammation of the vagina or vulva, called vaginitis, consult your child's condition to the doctor.


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