Autistic Children Can See Movement 2 Times Faster

The latest research on autism revealed that children with autism have the ability to see movement 2 times faster than normal children of their age.

Previously been found that children with autism have a greater visual capability to the stationary objects, but recent studies have found an association of children with autism with a moving object.

This research was conducted by a team from the University of Rochester by dividing respondents into two groups, ie groups with 20 children with autism and 26 children were normal growth. They are all aged 8-17 years. They were then asked to view a video in black and white bar that moves briefly.

All respondents were asked to indicate the direction in which the bar is heading, right or left. Each time respondents pointed in the right direction, the next video clip becomes shorter and harder. Conversely, if wrong refers, will be slower and easier to see. In this way researchers can measure how fast they can see the movement of the object.

The result, researchers found that the group of children with autism has 2 times better performance compared with the other groups. In fact, the worst performance in the group of children with autism is approximately equal to the average performance of the group without autism.

This dramatically shows that the brain's ability of children with autism is very sensitive to see the movement. Their brains are constantly responding to the movement of objects they see around them.

This research has been published in the Journal of Neuroscience.

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